Mar 052012

This is our basic team when shooting ….. everyone is working well together and supporting Neha in her first directing debut – see her on the right with Khurram . The big action star Marshook has been very helpful and respectful and stepped in when she has needed genuine help,Amir Shah has had big problems with accepting Neha but is going along with it. Of course , Ashid it great about it .

The crew lunch is always a logistical exercise when so far from anywhere.
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Mar 052012

I am really proud of Medina and her Uncle Asam for living up to the challeng and acting in our Simorgh drama. Neither of them had ever acted before but both have done a great job and are totally camera friendly in front of the lens. In this scene Medina finds her father who has been thought to be dead but is actually in hiding. She wants to stay with him but he tells her to return and that he will find a way to clear his name and restore their lives together.

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