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Vision Statement
The Yellow House Jalalabad.

The Yellow House provides a safe space where artists from all mediums meet, work and create independently of the destructive forces that not only threatens their physical lives but their inner spirit.

The Yellow House Jalalabad was established in 2011 within a walled garden in the Pashtun dominated South of Afghanistan. It is the first sanctuary of its kind in a region where the Taliban have targeted artists, filmmakers, musicians and those who exhibit and distribute their work. The space also acts as a place of mediation where artists at work can be seen to be helpful and a part of the greater community.
All the artists of the Yellow House believe the best way to bring peace and positive social change is not with the weapons of war but with a broad range of creative media and strategies.
Although the space is primarily driven by young artists in Afghanistan the space has been solely funded from the sale of artworks by Australian Film maker and Artist Dr George Gittoes AM and partner, fellow Australian, Hellen Rose-Schauersberger.

The decision to turn The Yellow House Jalalabad into a charity arose from the enthusiastic public reception at World Conference For Artistic Expression in Oslo , of the presentation of the project.
Many individuals as well as organizations were offering funds to keep this courageous and successful creative centre alive.

All funds donated will be put toward every element of maintaining and running The Yellow House Jalalabad.
This will mean supporting worthy self initiated creative projects from beginning to completion. All pre production and post production costs as is available.
All funds will be allocated with both the approvals of The Director and The Treasurer.
A) Teaching media skills with workshops for both children and adults.
B) Taking performances and exhibitions out into the community.
C) Making films, recorded book readings and music that can be sold in the market, broadcast on radio and TV and put Online on the Internet.
D) Holding professional Theatre Workshops for children with a focus on girls coaching and non-gender bias.
E) Providing a ‘safe haven’ for women’s arts and philosophy groups. A ‘woman’s only’ space. As well as a space where men are invited to, listen to and support women and interact with women on equal terms.
F) Provide and maintain film and editing equipment and all technologies needed for arts production and postproduction.

As women are severely deprived of many freedoms in Pashtun society, a prime objective is to provide them with opportunities for education and liberation.

The Yellow House is a model initiative that could be applied other deprived and war torn communities such as those in Mali, Palestine, Tibet, Somalia and Burma.

The Yellow House has already proven in Jalalabad it is more effective to show love and joy through the arts than to make war.

Our adopted orphan babies are from 2 different species and are the very closest of friends. Dali our monkey and Ezmarai our Koochee puppy.

Our adopted orphan babies are from 2 different species and are the very closest of friends. Dali our monkey and Ezmarai our Koochee puppy.

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May 152012
Hi all,I am very happy to send this article published in the Australian/New Zealand, nation wide theatre and stage magazine, Stage Whispers. I wrote this on the Rose Theatre workshops and production I worked on while in Afghanistan at The Yellow House Jalalabad. The article looks great and is a positive story where theatre and the arts are more powerful than bullets and bombs. I hope you enjoy it. Hellen Rose. http://issuu.com/stagewhispers/docs/may_june_2012/15#share