Mar 052012

This photo full of smoke and spirits captures Ashid and his magic better than most. If Lord of the Rings had access to Ashid there would not have been any need for special effects – he is 3 ft tall and 19 years old. He loves working on our projects as it is a chance to develop his English Language skills and he is treated as an equal member of the team and not a freak . Ashid is one of the most very very special people to ever come into my life. He is infinitely kind but also infinitely tough. He has amazing acrobatic skills and performs real magic.We shot this in a graveyard when Ashid’s character cloaks the fleeing children in ‘invisibility’ to save them from the gang of art hating villagers who pursue them. It would be great to get Ashid some work outside Afghansitan. People here can not take their eyes off him and he is constantly mobbed by the curious.

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