Feb 182012

We pitched the tent in a Taliban Village at Tora Bora. As the day moved on we had some real Talibs visit. Usually there was one that knew one of us. In this photo the guy in the green  on my left is someone I have gotten to know over the last year or so. I helped save the life of someone in the village by getting him to a hospital in Jalalabad. These villagers do not have a clinic or a doctor within 5 hours reach . Worse than that they do not have enough education to know about doctors and what they can do. There are 200 kids in this village but no school . I do not know what the kids do all day as they have no toys , do not play games like cricket of soccer and have never seen television or a film . Tomorrow we will sceen our movies and it will be interesting to watch their reactions. I have asked 3 movie stars to come along and talk about what it is to be an actor and show bits of their films. In a society which is as closed as this, the strangers who are permitted to enter are fascinating to all.

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