Feb 182012

This is the village chief at Tora Bora . He only let us do the Cinema Circus because I has spontaneously helped one of his people some time ago who needed to go to hospital . The man was dying and I let them have my car. The mercy trip saved the villager’s life. These chiefs are wise men modelled on Solomon. They try to be ┬áhonest and are incorruptible . I could have offered him $10,000 to do it and he would have refused . He admitted he hated film and TV and would never allow either to be seen by his villagers. He is a total supporter of the Taliban in this. He did not go in to see the screenings or performances but hovered around the outside of the tent. He was happy to see the children so happy .We made a pact and agreed my Yellow House in Jalalabad would be a welcome place for anyone from his village who needed city style help with hospitals or doctors or anything. I really liked him . He called me George and this is rare here – most people either avoid calling me anything or Islamicize George into Jamil or Jamal or somthing like that. Everyone at the Yellow House calls me Boss. George Bush made George anything a negative , especially here.

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