Feb 182012

Well we finally pitched the Tora Bora Circus Tent at Tora Bora today. We got the tent up and came home to the Yellow House Jalalabad, tonight. Glad to still be alive.
Will return tomorrow to screen the movies and do the shows. Dali the monkey was exceptional in entertaining the children. It was a bad day to go to Tora Bora, because the Americans had attacked two near by villages and killed people and taken others captive. But we got away with it and the kids loved it. In this village there are 200 small kids but no school and not clinic and no doctor within reach and no electricity. They have never seen television or a movie. It is a pro Taliban village but we were allowed to put the tent up and have permission to screen our movies and do a show tomorrow because I once saved one of the village elders. We took a different route back to the way we came as a safety precaution.

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